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>>>Bandcamp – Release of the NEW Weidner Lang Baumgärtner Trio Live @ Serious Series 2017“

>>>RONNY GRAUPES SPOOM: „Bridge Ices Before Road (out on „shoebill music“)


!!! New Album !!! with Kathrin and Robert out now on Pirouet!

Kathrin Pechlof Trio:

Toward the Unknown.

(Foto: Gerald Von Foris)

Kathrin Pechlof - Harp
Christian Weidner - Saxophone
Robert Landfermann –Bass

Order Toward the Unknown here!

There you also find the latest Release of the Chrstian Weidner Quartett on Pirouet Records: Every Hour of the Light and Dark, with Achim Kaufmann – p, Henning Sieverts – b, Samuel Rohrer – dr, CW - as

Meanwhile you can find two releases of one of my all time favourite projects on Pirouet Records: the Robert Landfermann Quintet with Robert on Bass, Sebastian Gille on tenor, Elias Stemeseder on drums, Jim Black on drums and me on alto. The bands first album is called Night Will Fall“ And you can check that and the newest release Brief“ out here!

The collaboration with Pirouet and especially it´s musical director Jason Seizer means a lot to me. It all started with this recording, some 15 years ago: „Choral“ - released in 2004 with the great Antonio Palesano on piano and Daniel Schröteler on drums.



Since October 2015 I have been teaching at Stuttgart Musikhochschule. I like doing that a lot. Take a look at the school´s website and see what´s going on! Feel free to contact me if you´re interested in studying there.


After a long time of support by these great mouthpiece building friends VanDoren in France I would like to thank them deeply for having shaped a piece of Kautschuk into something beautiful as the A55 Alto Mouthpiece. Thankyou! And now all saxophone-gear-enthusiasts go to their VanDorenTV!
















01.02.23   Berlin, @Inside ... Schlot Jazzclub, with Kathrin Pechlof Trio with Kathrin Pechlof – harp, Robert Landfermann – b, CW – as
10.02.23   Göppingen Odeon/Oberhofenkirche, with Karl Ivar Refseth Trio, with Karl Ivar Refseth - vib, Mathias Pichler - b, CW - as
24.02.23   Berlin, Bonello Studio, with Kathrin Pechlof Trio with Kathrin Pechlof – harp, Robert Landfermann – b, CW – as
01.03.23   Wuppertal, Loch, with Kathrin Pechlof Trio with Kathrin Pechlof – harp, Robert Landfermann – b, CW – as
15.+16.3.23   München, recording DUO with Felix Hauptmann - p


München, Muctones Festival, DUO with Felix Hauptmann - p

22.04.23   Schlossgut Altlandsberg, Duo with Marc Schmolling - p
    more info on upcoming concerts soon...